SOLRSearch Plus UI

As partners of LucidWorks, we know that the OpenSource search market has finally matured. Lucene/SOLR is a world class offering, especially when supported by LucidWorks. You've got connectors, support for high volumes, can run in-house or on the cloud - but you still need to build a User Interface. Well, we've built it. It can connect to any SOLR collection, has the advanced features you need (e.g. Integrated Search and Navigation, Search Within, Breadcrumbs, Paging, Custom Sorting and Page Size, Hit Highlighting, Secure Login (Optional), Hyperlinking to record source, filetype detection with icon display, custom proprietary and help statements), and we can help you configure it to access your collection, have your company look and feel and give immediate connectivity to your users via web and mobile browsers. We can also help you enrich your content for navigation (see DBpedia enrichment below).

To see additional details click here Dynamic UI for SOLR/Lucene or give us a call at Raritan (908) 668 8181 x 110 for more information.

CloudSearch Plus UI

We know the many difficulties of implementing a world class search application. From working with your IT group to evaluate and purchase/license the Search Engine software. Then see if there is expertise or if you have to hire a 3rd party vendor to implement your search. Provision your servers and support personnel. Plan for growth, usages increases, enhancements.... The story goes on and on. Amazon has solved these problems with their Amazon CloudSearch.

Raritan Technologies has developed a solution to take Search to the next level. If you have indexed your content into Amazons CloudSearch tool, we can provide you with a tool to make your content immediately accessible via the web to your users in a pre-built but customizable interface. Our flexible and configurable User Interface will allow you to pick the fields and facets for search and navigation, lets you search within results, sort, customize and also access via mobile browsers. Just give the link to your users and you'll have an advanced Search interface without the problems of a data center, support staff and conformance of your search software to Standard Operating environment. Best of all, it'll cost a fraction of the typical solution. If you need your content indexed (and enriched) let us know. We can help you there too.

To see additional details click here Dynamic UI for AWS CloudSearchor give us a call at Raritan (908) 668 8181 x 110 for more information.

Click on the image below to see a full size screenshot of the Dynamic User Interface which can be easily configured for any Amazon CloudSearch source.

DBPedia Content Enrichment

Does your content have quality metadata? Is it easily searchable? Do you have a staff dedicated to tagging content or a taxonomy team available to assign categories to your content? Neither do most companies or departments. It's just too expensive. We can help you solve this problem. Our latest software accesses the vast range of linked data available and categorized by others at (wikipedia). Piggy back on the latest collaborative consensus to classify your content. With a bit of tuning, we can filter out the extraneous categories and generate quality metadata for you to search and navigate with. Whether you use our AmazonCloudSearch tool or your own search engine, you still need quality metadata to provide quality search for your users. Our processes can be called transactionally as RESTful services to provide metadata on a record by record basis or can process large input files, Database records, content from Documentum or other CMS repositories in batch mode to feed into your search engine of choice. We'll help you integrate this to any search engine (e.g. Autonomy, Fast, Endeca, Lucene/SOLR, Amazon CloudSearch) or can just provide you with the updated data. Need any customization done? Just let us know.

Give us a call at Raritan (908) 668 8181 x 110. Ask for information about our DBpedia Enrichment solution.

Text Analytics

As an integration partner and a licensed US reseller of the Lexalytics Salience engine, Raritan consultants bring expertise in text and sentiment analysis for a variety of business cases which enable corporations to make better sense of vast repositories of unstructured content. Topical Dashboards can be used to uncover meaningful insights and to perform aggregate analysis on content in a more efficient manner bringing the information that you need and not the documents that you need to the surface.

Topic Explorer for Life Sciences is an application using these analytic tools.

Watch a demonstration of Topic Explorer.

Faceted Navigation

Our expertise with Faceted Navigation technology will allow you to navigate through information in a more intuitive way. Starting with the broader topics and navigating to the more detailed categories is an intuitive way of organizing data typically done for eCommerce sites. With interrelated topics and structure, the same user driven exploration now done for B2B and B2C sites can be brought inside the enterprise and applied to your corporate knowledge bases. Our Taxonomy tools, content enrichment techniques and text analytics capabilities enable us to expose even more relationships between data through navigation, allowing the user to gather the information that they need or to make a purchase quicker.

Taxonomy & Vocabularies

Pre-built taxonomies allow an organization to get started quickly with a taxonomy search/navigation project. There's no need to start from scratch, use taxonomies built by classification experts. Controlled lists can also be used to seed vocabularies which can be used for Text-Analytics

Raritan has customized a set of medical vocabularies and taxonomies built from industry standard sources such as the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the NLM's Medical Subject Headings (MeSH), the US Patent Database, FDA Drug Tables and will help you customize your vocabularies and Taxonomies from other sources internal and external.

We can assist you with taxonomy integrations in many different ways
  • Taxonomy creation and customization
  • Tools for content classification
  • Expertise with Rich Search Applications integrating Taxonomies, Vocabularies and Text Analytics capabilities
Data Discovery & Analysis

Your company has a huge amount of data in documents spread out in various sources and locations at your sites. Raritan Technologies provides the tools to extract metadata from these documents, and provide an inventory of your information assets.

We can also provide some structure and recommend "next step" search solutions so that users will be able to find the relevant information that they need to get their jobs done more effectively.

The RTI methodology consists of the following steps:
  • Identify information assets and locations.
  • Index and extract relevant entities (metadata) inside the unstructured data. These entities may contain things like: data source, language, document types, author, key dates, etc.
  • Identify duplicate and similar documents to reduce the size of the document store.
  • Classify the unstructured data into well-organized taxonomies meaningful to your company.
  • Provide recommendations for the structuring of the documents, and possible reorganizations of the data sources.

Raritan Technologies has developed a suite of federated "Connectors" which enable rapid deployment of a federated search solution. These connectors, which can also be configured as indexing connectors, can be configured to work with other search engines that have federated capabilities or can be configured as a standalone federated search solution.

The Raritan connectors are built to be reusable, meaning that they are protocol and not site specific. Some examples of the protocols that we support are SOAP, SQL, HTTPRest, Documentum, eRoom, LDAP and html plus a few others. Raritan's federated software supports full paging of results and different ranking algorithms.

Our indexing connectors can be used to bring content into SOLR/Lucene (LucidWorks), AWS CloudSearch plus the major commercial engines and include content sources like:

  • Documentum
  • eRoom
  • Databases
  • File Systems
  • Amazon's S3 Facility
  • Additional Content Management systems

The connectors (built with the Raritan SIFT toolkit allows us to add new sources of data quickly by using our protocol specific workers which can be adapted to new sites in a quick and cost-effective manner.

Raritan Technologies has developed a suite of reusable federated "connectors" which enable rapid deployment of federated search solutions. These workers can complement any search engine (e.g. Microsoft's Search Server or SharePoint, the Microsoft Office Research Pane, Google OneBox, Autonomy/K2 Federator, with Fast's Unity product, with other major search engines (Endeca, Exalead, Dieselpoint, Lucene...) or as a standalone in your own environment. Our connectors allow you to combine data from subscription or free search sites, from multiple Enterprise Search Engines, internal databases and other corporate resources seamlessly into a single search interface. Our standalone federator has the capability to search against faceted search sources and combine like navigation controls if the content (Navigators) across sites is common enough to be combined.

Raritan Technologies can quickly add your sites with its reusable protocol specific workers. These workers include a SQL Database worker, which can connect to internal SQL sources, a Documentum Worker, and other workers which can access LDAP, eRooms, HTTP/HTTPS, OpenSearch, SOAP and Z39.50 protocols as well as to numerous Enterprise Search Engines or Search sites on the web with minimal configuration efforts.

The connectors (built with the Raritan SIFT toolkit allows us to add new sources of data quickly by using our protocol specific workers which can be adapted to new sites in a quick and cost-effective manner.