Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

Raritan Technologies is currently working with Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) to migrate legacy applications to FastSearchforSharepoint and Text Analytics which will enable their R&D and Medical Affairs personnel to analyze critical topics like competitor insight, adverse events and new indications in a business dashboard which supports their business needs and transcends standard retrieval of document capabilities.

A Raritan customer for over six years, Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) combined literature from various R&D and Medical Affairs libraries and repositories, enabling these personnel to better support their drug go to market strategies and perform scientific research with enhanced search capabilities.

Raritan Technologies has delivered Search and Retrieval solutions to many of the largest Pharmaceutical companies in the World.
    The solutions include
  • Fast search of Medical Literature and scientific documents supporting the Medical Affairs groups for a multinational company including taxonomy support, content enrichment and faceted search. Content from many silos (including Sharepoint) has been brought together using Fast tools and Raritan content connectors.
  • Built search and Classification application supporting European Medical team and their product pipeline of over 20 drugs in and coming to market. This application supports a diverse community of users in Marketing, R&D and Medical Affairs, among others, giving them rapid access to high quality scientific content
  • For a multinational firm - delivered Federated search connectors to public and subscription sources of pharmaceutical content to support R&D and competitive intelligence efforts.
  • Delivered Document Classification solutions integrating customized versions of the MeSH taxonomy and search for numerous large pharmaceutical companies using Autonomy/IDOL and K2.
  • Delivered custom search application and eRoom content connector to index content into Fast/ESP.
  • Consulted with large pharmaceutical company on enterprise search applications using a variety of technologies including Autonomy, SchemaLogic, custom vocabularies, classification and Federated Search to help them resolve numerous issues.

Online Commerce

Raritan assisted a top 50 online merchandising company migrate their online catalog to Endeca in 3 months, just in time for the 2010 holiday season. This upgrade added merchandising capabilities which enabled the client to see sales increases of over 60% over the 2009 season. Raritan continues this relationship supporting additional functionality and improvements to the B2C website.

Raritan Technologies assisted ePromos in upgrading their Extended Catalog Portion of their Endeca powered web site to make the url's more friendly to Google and the other web search engines so that the estimated 360,000 products in the extended catalog are more likely to rank higher in a search, driving more customers to ePromos.

Raritan, an Endeca partner, completed this customized URL optimization using the Endeca UICL framework following Best Practices for Dynamic URL's in September of 2009.

Raritan Technologies, Inc. (RTI), working collaboratively with Alcoa, built an improved Business to Business Product Search interface allowing users to access Alcoa's product data in a more intuitive manner by combining search with navigation. The Alcoa site retains and integrates the favorite features of the previous site while adding new features. It enables users to navigate through the range of Alcoa products for all businesses and locations at one time, provides product data sheets and provides contact information for the appropriate Alcoa support or sales team.

Media & Publishing

Raritan Technologies delivered a new WilsonWeb to HW Wilson which made their bibliographic data (including their world famous Readers Guide to Periodical Literature and other content databases) accessible online to thousands of colleges and universities worldwide. Based in NYC and Dublin, Wilson has been providing an invaluable service for libraries and researchers for over a century, and currently offers over 15 million entries from over 4,000 periodicals and books.

Raritan Technologies has supported the IEEE for over 5 years on multiple projects and technologies, starting with Verity/K2 and document classification, consulting on numerous advisory engagements and today with their current IEEE Xplore Digital Library now powered by Endeca. According to Gerry Grenier, Staff Director, Publishing Technologies for the IEEE "Raritan Technologies is the first company we look to whenever we enhance our existing search application or see potential advancing new technologies. We see the relationship between Raritan and the IEEE continuing for a long time."